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One-Hour Special - Getting Ready for Retirement

Ten thousand Baby Boomers turn 65 every day in the U.S. and have either entered retirement or are preparing to do so. A special one-hour edition ofClearPath – Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth will offer unique insights and clear-cut advice to them about Medicare and Social Security benefits. Most Baby Boomers will be relying on Social Security and Medicare benefits in retirement, yet relatively few are aware of the wide range of choices that can positively or negatively affect their level of long-term benefits. This special edition of the show features prominent guest experts Mary Beth Franklin of InvestmentNews, and Nicole Duritz of AARP. Listen at WYPR 88.1, Baltimore's NPR station or, or download here. For additional information read the Press Release.

One-Hour Special - Health & Wealth for Millennials

Millennials represent the largest, most diverse and educated generation in the U.S. and face opportunities and challenges unlike any generation before.  What they do – or don’t do – with regard to their eventual retirement security will have a significant impact on the U.S. economy in the years to come according to leading economists. A special 1-hour edition of ClearPath – Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth, will highlight Millennials and what they are doing to prepare for their eventual retirement security, and respond to the significant changes in health care policy. The program features special guest experts Kimberly Palmer of US News & World Report and Erin Hemlin of the nonprofit, Young Invincibles. Listen at WYPR 88.1, Baltimore's NPR station or, or download here after the show airs for the podcast. For additional information see the Press Release.

Weekly Radio Program Aims to Help Listeners

Americans are living longer than at any time in history, and yet extensive research conducted by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies (TCRS) indicates that Americans are ill-prepared for long-term retirement and unaware of their need for action, as well as the range of practical steps available to them to begin planning for their financial security.  At the same time, people are looking to increase their quality of life during both their working years and in retirement. The Transamerica Center for Health Studies (TCHS) educates Americans about issues related to their longer-term health and well-being since good health is the vital component to a person’s productivity and enjoyment throughout life.

To assist listeners in their quest for both health and financial security, WYPR launched its newest weekly evening drive-time segment, “ClearPath – Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth,” which airs on Mondays during NPR’s popular All Things Considered.  The new program is underwritten by the Transamerica Institute, as part of its mission identify, research and educate the public about retirement, health coverage, and other relevant financial issues facing Americans today. 

Program host Greg Tucker will engage Catherine Collinson, the Transamerica Institute’s founding president who also leads TCRS (a foremost expert on the state of retirement readiness in America), and Hector De La Torre, who leads the Transamerica Institute’s TCHS (and is a former California State Assembly member), on the broad range of issues related to financial literacy, retirement, and health care and well-being. 

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